• High Sierra Workshops

    We offer intensive educational photography trips, including: Yosemite in Winter Photography Workshop, the Yosemite in Spring Photography Workshop, the Eastern Sierra & Owens Valley Photography Workshop, a Big Sur Photography Workshop, Death Valley Photography Workshop, the Giant Redwoods of Northern California Photography Workshop, Urban Photography: Vancouver Photography Workshop, and the Santa Ynez Valley and Wine Region Photography Workshop.

    In addition, our technical offerings include Macro Close-Up Photography Workshops, Time Lapse Photography Workshops, and DSLR Video Cinematography Workshops.

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Learn how to read the scene. Learn how to see the light. Learn how to make photographs that aren’t snapshots.

While most workshops simply take you around to predetermined sights, telling you where to point the camera and what the camera settings are for that shot, we here at HSW do things differently.

We have an integrated learning component for each and every location, from technical instruction to visual composition skills to theoretical applications … that just happens to be in a spectacular location!


John Lasseter, the creative genius behind Pixar, once said:

Quality is a great business plan. Period.

And that’s how we run High Sierra Workshops.
We strive to give you the best quality workshop experience in the industry.

High Sierra Workshops began leading private photography trips into the Sierra Nevada range in 1992, as an extension of the photography classroom at various colleges and universities. Only a few years later, the small group instruction with a focus on the visual component was introduced and has been the mainstay ever since.

Original workshop offerings focused on the flagship location: “Yosemite Valley in Spring”, along with the off-shoots of “Yosemite in Winter” & “Yosemite in Fall”.

By the end of the decade, “Death Valley National Park”, “Lake Tahoe” and the “Eastern Sierra & Owens Valley” workshops were added to the workshop calendar.

The new millennium saw High Sierra Workshops branching out beyond the geographic boundaries of the Sierra Nevada range, with … Read More …

Michael is responsible for the day-to-day operations of HSW, as well as all logistical and contingency workshop planning with the instructors.

Paul works with the instructors to ensure that the workshop curriculum matches the HSW mission of photographic education.

Cody spearheads the alignment of the HSW mission with our public outreach and communications, ensuring the message of HSW is shared with all.

Aaron is responsible for the online content of our website, virtual video tours, and social media marketing efforts through Facebook and other mediums.

Dawn provides support for workshop participants through the galleries, sponsor services and HSW alumni community.

How many students are in each workshop?

Key to our successful instruction is a very low student-to-instructor ratio. Our workshops run with one instructor with a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 10 students. Certain, select workshops that can accommodate additional students will have a maximum of 15 students, but we add a second instructor in order to have an even lower student-to-instructor ratio!

Certain “On-Location Travel” workshops do accommodate more than 15 students, however additional instructors and assistants are always added to keep that low student-to-instructor ratio.

Is food, lodging or transportation included in the workshop fee?

With few exceptions, our workshops do not include food, lodging or transportation. This is in order to accommodate the wide variety of dietary needs, level of hotel pampering, financial limitations and travel freedom we have found our students prefer. A list of recommended hotels (if applicable) for each workshop is listed on the workshop description page or will be emailed to all registered participants.

Certain “On-Location Travel” workshops do have travel and/or food and/or lodging arrangements and costs included in the workshop fee. These additions are clearly stated in the workshop description.

What is the latest I can sign up for a workshop?

If space is still available, we will leave the workshop registration open up to the last possible minute, at the instructor’s discretion. If the workshop becomes booked, we will mark the workshop as “Sold Out” but it is recommended to check for cancellations. Any cancellations will be announced on our Facebook page.

What is your cancellation policy?

 In order to ensure availability for those on our waiting list, all workshop cancellations will have the following fees applied:

Cancellation up to and within 60 calendar days prior to workshop start date:
Full refund of workshop tuition; no cancellation fee
(Refund applied within 3 business days of cancellation notice)

Cancellation up to and within 30 calendar days of workshop start date:
Refund of workshop tuition minus $100 cancellation fee
(Refund/fees applied at conclusion of scheduled workshop; waived if workshop seat booked prior to workshop start date)

Cancellation up to and within 7 calendar days of workshop start date:
No refund of workshop tuition
(Waived if workshop seat booked prior to workshop start date with applicable refund applied at conclusion of scheduled workshop)

The above cancellation policy can also be found on each workshop description page.

How much photo experience do I need for your workshops?

Unless otherwise noted in the workshop description (primarily in our “Technical & Method” class of workshops), we don’t require a certain level of photographic background or technical proficiency. Our workshops are designed with the emphasis on the visual component, which is then coupled with a basic technical framework that we provide you.

In other words, we give you simple “tools” to release the technical burden so you can focus on the creative process!

And through our unique approach, it doesn’t matter if you are new to photography or have years of technical experience, as we create a “level playing field”. This eliminates getting wrapped up in the technical part of photography and allows you to freely focus on the visual component.

This method is “tried-and-true” and we are well-known in the workshop industry as having perfected the “Low-impact technical/High-impact visual” model.

End-of-the-Year Sponsor Giveaway!

High Sierra Workshops partners with several select sponsors who have donated items — from gear to gift cards to services — for our annual End-of-the-Year Giveaway.

All High Sierra Workshop workshop registrants are automatically entered into the giveaway with each workshop registration. For each workshop participants attend in each calendar year, they will receive one entry for our annual giveaway.

The list of annual giveaway items from our sponsors is updated regularly on the HSW End-of-the-Year Sponsor Giveaway page. Winning entries will be selected at random on Dec. 15. The full list of winners will be announced in our January newsletter.

Full contest rules and regulations can be found on the HSW End-of-the-Year Sponsor Giveaway page. Good luck!